About Me

I’m Kylie, and I am so glad you’ve joined this gluten free party! I have struggled with health issues for almost a decade, and less than a year ago I learned that most of them could be attributed to a gluten sensitivity. Now I’m on a journey to clean up my diet, change my eating and cooking habits, and embrace a more purposeful, powerful life.

About This Blog

On this blog you will find recipe trials, original creations, personal struggles, and tips for navigating a world that isn’t always kind to on-the-go women with food allergies. This is still a new journey for me, and there are as many different gluten free challenges as there are people. Therefore, I am looking for this site to have dialogue! Please share stories in the comments, start conversations on social media, and participate in reader surveys. I am not an expert on this topic (please go here for a few disclaimers), but I am open to sharing my struggles and challenges so that we can all grow together.

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