#ITriedIt Natural Garbage Disposal Bombs

#ITriedIt Garbage Disposal Bombs

#ITriedIt Natural Garbage Disposal Bombs

We all know that smell. The one when you walk in the front door and straight into your kitchen. The one that makes your nose wrinkle and wonder who forgot to take out the trash – the dreaded garbage disposal odor! It is one that truly comes from love – cooking and cleaning, then cooking some more, then cleaning some more. All the food and water and dish soap combine into a not-so-pleasant reminder of what you have created in your kitchen for the past few days. Luckily, there is a natural, easy way to make DIY garbage disposal bombs using a few ingredients you have around the house. I tried these bombs myself as I attempted to let the spring air in and freshen up my home.

I used Pinterest to find some different ways to create these Garbage Disposal Bombs. There seem to be a dozen different ways make them, so I decided to use Love, the Watsons as inspiration. Here is the recipe I ended up with:

¾ cup Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

½ cup Morton Salt

15 drops Purification Essential Oil

4 TBSP Mrs Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, Lemon Verbena

Gargabe Disposal Bombs - ingredients

There are definitely more natural products than dish soap to use for the liquid/cleaning component. I plan on trying some of these in the future, but I know that most of us aren’t likely to have Citric Acid on hand or a desire to zest an orange straight into a bowl.

I combined the baking soda and salt in a large glass bowl first, making sure the dry ingredients were evenly distributed. I started with approximately 2 TBSP of dish soap, then added my Purification Essential Oil. Many recommendations by other bloggers on Pinterest included citrus oils. However, my dish soap is lemon scented, and I wanted to make sure my garbage disposal smelled clean, not like an orange trying to cover up an odor. Purification is a Young Living essential oil blend that neither smells floral nor fruity – instead, it just smells clean. It’s not strong or chemically, just fresh and inviting. Since my sink is immediately inside my front door, inviting is exactly what I’m going for.

Garbage Disposal Bomb Mix

After I mixed the dish soap and oil with the dry ingredients, I noticed he mixture was not well combined – it was still quite dry and grainy. I added in approximately two more tablespoons of dish soap and finally got the wet sand look I was searching for. I placed parchment paper on a cookie sheet and used a small ice cream scoop for put dollops of the mixture on the cookie sheet. I do think a tablespoon would have worked, but I’m not sure how easily the mixture would have come out of the spoon. Using the small ice cream scoop made slightly larger bombs and allowed me to use the small lever to push the mixture out onto the parchment paper.

Garbage Disposal Bombs Final Product

After 24 hours, the bombs were dry and set, so I decided to try one out! I ran hot water in the sink, added the small tablet, and ran the garbage disposal for about 30 seconds. It smelled amazing! For the first few seconds, I could still get a hint of the food odor trying to come through, but it was quickly replaced (not covered by) the clean, refreshing scent of the Purification oil.

When I put the rest of the garbage disposal bomb in my mason jar, a couple of them crumbled slightly. When I was assembling the tablets, I wasn’t sure if I had enough moisture, and this seemed to be a consequence of them being too dry. Next time, I think I’ll try a little more dish soap or adding in some water.

What I Loved

  • I can customize the scent with my dish soap and essential oil preferences
  • These took only a few minutes to make, and the cleanup was incredibly simple

Things to Remember Next Time

  • I’m going to add a little more liquid to help make the finished product less crumbly

After three days, our garbage disposal is still smelling great! I’m definitely going to use these each week when I deep clean my kitchen. Let me know in the comments if you try these! I’d love to know different scent combinations as well as any tips. If you’d like to learn more about Young Living Essential oils or where to find Purification oil, click here. Make sure you subscribe to my email list for updates on new cleaning tips!


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