My Gluten Free Trip to Jason’s Deli

My Gluten Free Trip to Jason's Deli

The deli. The place that I thought I was finished with when I went gluten free. The delicious breads, the stacks of delicious meats, the pickles! I knew I was finished. So imagine my joy when I found out Jason’s Deli was gluten-free friendly! Once again, please be sure to check with your doctor about your level of sensitivity before you venture out to any new restaurant.

Normally, I go for the salad bar at Jason’s. Yes, this is cross contamination central, but I have never had a problem. Please, please avoid it if cross contamination is a problem for you. But a couple of Sundays ago, my husband and I needed a quick lunch, and I wanted something warm! I grabbed the menu on the way in (most have them by the front door before you join the line), and it only had a few salads and potatoes labeled as gluten free. The Make Your Own Sandwich section included gluten free bread, so I figured it must have something gluten free. I quickly loaded the website on my phone and found the gluten sensitive menu. So many of the meats and toppings were on there! I was thrilled!

I went with tuna salad and informed them I needed the gluten free bread. I asked for the bread to be toasted, and they were quick to oblige. The lovely gentleman taking our order let everyone down the line know that there was a gluten free sandwich coming their way. I took my number and headed to the table.

They put my sandwich in it’s own box so it wouldn’t have an additional risk of cross contamination. The box did include a sticker with a disclaimer about the preparation, which I definitely appreciated. As I’ve said, I don’t struggle with a sensitivity as sever as Celiac’s, but it is important to know the limitations of your food preparation.

Jason's Deli Box

The sandwich was actually really good! I expected the bread to take away from the overall experience, but it was toasted to the perfect amount of crunch. The tuna salad was delicious with a great balance of flavors. I was also worried about it being too wet and soaking the already tenuous bred. Luckily, it was a perfectly balanced consistency! I really can’t over recommend the tuna salad. My meal included baked Lay’s, but I didn’t partake – I actually don’t eat potato chips (long story).

Jason's Deli Sandwich

Overall, I think Jason’s is a great, quick option (which are few and far between in the gluten free world). I don’t particularly recommend it for anyone struggling from a sensitive intolerance due to the cross contamination, but otherwise they were very accommodating.

Have you ever tried a deli while trying to stay gluten free? What was your experience like?

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