Welcome Real Foodie Family!

Welcome Real Foodie Family Readers!

This week, I had the privilege of guest posting on the Real Foodie Family blog. Sophie and her family are on a journey of eating healthy on a budget while tackling food intolerances. I recently found her blog, and I have been addicted ever since! She understands the realities of trying to find healthy food for your family in a world that likes to overcharge for gluten free and add preservatives to everything! She even offers a gluten free meal plan and Walmart online order guide!

I especially love her recipes. My husband is going to be out of town for a couple of weeks, so I plan to try out her black bean burgers (that actually look like black bean burgers worth eating) and her Cleaned Up Chicken & Broccoli Casserole. Once he gets back, I’m hoping to surprise him with some great new meals. If you haven’t been to her blog before, be sure to check it out and let her know I sent you!

If you’re visiting from Real Foodie Family, welcome! I hope you enjoy following along with my journey to try natural beauty and cleaning projects as well as realistic gluten free meals for the working family.

As a fun freebie for all my readers, I’m offering a printable grocery list for gluten free families. Especially if you’re new to the gluten free lifestyle, it can be frustrating to get to the grocery store and realize you’ve forgotten if all mayo is gluten free, or just some. Or maybe your spouse is grabbing the groceries this week and didn’t realize all Caesar dressings are not created equal. Just pop this spring Grocery List Printable up on your refrigerator and let it ease your shopping anxiety!

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